Continuous Training In The Workplace Benefits

  • Benefits for the worker
  • Benefits for the company
  • Strategic benefits for the company
  • Economic benefits

This is especially true for companies that opt for e-learning courses on the internet. One such e-learning website wherein you can opt for different courses is formation continue cegep. They have got courses on accounting, entrepreneurship, administration and even health. They do offer quite a lot of coursework that could be useful since it provides so many benefits.

Bonus training is a type of credit granted to companies to invest in the professional training of their employees with the aim of increasing both the performance and the competitiveness of their work team.

But how is this type of bonus made? Although not everyone is aware of this, all companies and employees contribute a certain amount each month to Social Security for training, although this amount can be subsequently recovered to be invested in the completion of courses by the employees.

In this way, companies have the ability to improve the skills of their workers without the need to pay an additional amount, so the bonus training courses are presented as an excellent option to achieve an increase in productivity. The bonus training has a series of characteristics that it is convenient to know before proceeding with your request.

  • It is only intended for the workers of a company, not for the self-employed or unemployed.
  • The company itself is in charge of deciding and managing the courses.
  • The company assumes a percentage of the financing.
  • Only the bonus for the on-site and online courses is applied, not remotely.

All those companies that decide to benefit from the bonus training for their workers will achieve a series of very important benefits that will impact on an optimization of the different processes carried out within the organization. Among the main advantages of this type of training for companies we can highlight the following:

  • Greater qualification of the workers.
  • The increase of competitiveness and productivity of employees and, consequently, of the company.
  • Increased commitment offered by workers.
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills.
  • Increased motivation, integration and employee satisfaction within the company.
  • Ease of adaptation to changes in the sector and new technologies.

There is a wide variety of courses from virtually all professional sectors that employees can complete to improve their skills and thus achieve greater performance and productivity in the company.
Some of the courses that can be developed to qualify for the bonus training of the Tripartite Foundation are:

  • Language courses (English, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office courses (Word, Excel …)
  • Graphic design
  • Social networks
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Customer service courses
  • Accounting courses

And so much more, there really is a lot that a company could gain from providing its employees with a great training program that can be given online. And there are a ton of online course works that offer a reasonable price and make it easier for your company to provide the required training as well.

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